The invisible orthodontics

Hello Beauty !!
Who wants to have a perfect smile? ? I think all of them.
That's why today I want to tell you about the invisible orthodontics , also known as orthodontics without braces and similar . The creator was an American company called Invisalign, which surprised the world in 1999 with transparent aligners and invisible to all eyes.

Surely you have heard about them because Queen Leticia had them a few years ago, to correct her teeth. And indeed you can barely see them, but in this case, you know that journalists look at everything, they take you to the shoe number.

This consists in the rectification of the dental structure to leave us the best of the smiles. They are made with a material similar to plastic or silicone, which allows you to take them off and put them at your whim, which is very comfortable.
In recent years their demand has increased a lot in young adults- the subject of aesthetics.

The advantages of using this type of orthodontics are:
- It is removable.
- Comfortable.
- Transparent.
- It can be removed to eat, drink and on special occasions when you do not want to take it

That's if its great disadvantage is its price because it is around 4000/5000 euros.

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Have you tried the invisible orthodontics ?