Timotei, 0% Parabens, 0% Dyes, 0% Silicones

Hello Beauty !!
The other day I was in the super when I suddenly lost this pack of timotei shampoos crossed in my way, and clear for only € 2.95 a bargain because I brought it home.

What has been my experience with the timotei shampoos?

With the Timotei shampoos I had a love-hate, I admit that A few years ago I bought some and they looked terrible, because I got a lot of dandruff and my hair got super-fat, so until a few weeks ago I did not try my luck again, they had not left me a good memory.
The Timotei pack consists of Fresh and pure Shampoo for normal or oily hair and intense repair shampoo for dry or damaged hair.
And as my hair is oily today that you voya talk is about this " Fresh and pure shampoo for normal or oily hair ". The dry hair I have not tried or I will try because it is clear that if it is indicated for dry hair to me it will not go well.

I recommend Timotei without parabens, dyes and silicones?

Its size is 400 ml and for the price it has the pack is very good.

It is a shampoo that cleanses hair in a very soft way, leaving hair fresh, light and very loose. It has a very natural aroma and the main reason why I took it is because it has 0% Parabens, 0% Dyes, 0% Silicones and my hair is no longer so greasy or so full.