Premium samples "Your own Christmas story"

Hello girls!
Today I bring you the monthly box SAMPLES PREMIUM December called "Your own Christmas story " (nice name)
Do you want to know what it brings? Here we go, I tell you that it is full.
Today I start with the bag that I like the most, female cosmetics :
- Nail polish "sparkle Brown" by Ego profesiona l, a sensational novelty in the world of nails. These parties radiates mystery, glamor and slightly dangerous elegance with this enamel. Actual size.
- Snake skin nail polish - "Fantasy black "BLACK , a glaze with crackle effect, to create nails with the appearance of Serpent Skin. Apply a base polish, then give a thin layer of Fantasy-Black, and wait for it to dry, give a final touch with the shine. Actual size.
- Advance " Man in oblivion" by Christina Mckenna, first chapters of this commemorative novel.

In the second pouch comes:

- 2 boxes of Mikado king choco , is the new "King" of pleasure. Your Mikado of always with even more flavor thanks to the intensity of a double coverage of whirlwind chocolate. An elegant, modern and fun whim, with a unique and original technology that offers you twice as much pleasure. I'm eating them while I write this post that are good :-) Actual size .
- Artisan chocolates , different chocolates that They allow you to enjoy their creamy praline in any situation. Made in an artisanal way so that the black, milk and white chocolate piping are softly melted with almond, hazelnut, coffee, truffle, strawberry or caramel pralines. Come 4 of the 6 varieties of which we can find, box of 40 gr.
- Tes & fusions , Tag mahal, Tuareg, imperial China, Five o'clock, kalahari, Matrioska, Copacabana, Ramses, Mare Nostrum, Kathmandu.
And in the last sachet:
- Sal Costa ​​b> Haute cuisine to bake, to prepare the best dishes these Christmas. Package of 2 kg.
- Christmas broth aneto , made with 100% natural ingredients, fresh and top quality, such as veal knuckle, pork rib, Acorn-fed Iberian ham, chicken meat, potatoes, chickpeas, and a wide variety of fresh vegetables.Kisses